Introduction of several advantages of precoating film

First, since no harmful substances are produced during the precoating process, the precoating process is more environmentally friendly.

Second, the precoating and laminating process is simple, and it is not necessary to mix the glue liquid like the film coating and laminating process before production. It is also unnecessary to control the amount of glue in the production process, and it is unnecessary to dry the adhesive. It only needs to control the temperature, pressure and speed, and the shutdown process is relatively simple, without cleaning the gluing mechanism.

Third, there will be no bubbles, wrinkles, film stripping and other phenomena in the production, so the quality of the film-coated products is higher.

Fourth, it can adapt to a wide range of film covering equipment. It can use pre-coating film covering equipment or film coating equipment, and it can also use plastic packaging equipment.

Fifthly, since there is no combustible substance such as organic solvent in the pre-coating process, it can effectively prevent the occurrence of fire accidents in production, with a higher safety factor.

Sixth, high production efficiency.

Why is the instant film coating method still widely used in China at present?Although the comprehensive performance of the precoating method is better than the instant film coating method, the current situation of the domestic film coating industry shows that the vast majority of domestic enterprises are still using the instant film coating technology. The main reasons can be summarized as follows.

First, the precoating technology started relatively late in China.

Second, the production of pre-coating film has high technical content, complex process and large equipment investment, and the general enterprises are unable to invest in the pre-coating film production line.

Third, due to China's surplus labor resources and low labor costs, the material cost accounts for a large proportion of the comprehensive cost of the film covering process. The cost of precoating is higher than that of instant coating, which will inevitably affect its application.

Fourth, most of the equipment produced by domestic film-coating equipment manufacturers are film-coating equipment.

Fifthly, although the Chinese government emphasizes the environmental protection of the industry, the laws and regulations specifically for the film covering industry need to be improved.

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