Application of anti-scratch film

Laminating is to mount a layer of transparent plastic film on paper products. The film covering is divided into "light film" and "dumb film". The outer surface of the optical film is glittering and translucent, colorful, and will not change color for a long time. With soft touch and colorful exterior patterns, it is a safe and environment-friendly building material that can choose patterns according to the changes of color feeling during the period.

If it is necessary to cover the easily worn parts such as the cover and the outside of the carton in the copy printing, it should be coated with a layer after printing, before folding and cutting. This layer of film must be very clear, with good toughness, average texture, no sand holes and bubbles, and the outside is very flat. It is usually made of polypropylene materials, and it is also pre-coated with thermoplastic polymer adhesive to combine with the paper, The printing press presses it tightly onto the paper with a hot-press roller. In this way, the outside of the paper has a better light, richer texture, and the color printed on it has been covered. As we saw earlier, glazing also has different effects, but thick paper will become brittle after glazing, but it will become flexible and flexible after laminating. Nowadays, the cover of coated paper is usually covered with film, and the cover of high-grade paper boxes and handbags, product leaflets and enterprise brochures, calendars, brand names on clothing... are also covered with film. You will find that there are two kinds of films, one is bright as a mirror, and the other is not very reflective. They are called "light film" and "dumb film" respectively. The light film is the most transparent and almost has no effect on the ink color, but its reflection is not very pleasing occasionally. For example, if the handbag is covered with the light film, it will be shiny, and if the contents are slightly deformed in the future, it will appear very soft and very high-grade. The calendar is also not suitable for the light film, because it disturbs the eyes, not only on the flat surface such as the hardcover book cover, cardboard box, etc., the consequences of being bright as a mirror are still good; The texture of the matte film is rich and heavy. It is generally thought that it is superior to the light film, and its price is also higher. However, it will affect the ink color like the varnish. The color of the extremely selective, such as the skin color of a person, or the enterprise standard color that is slightly biased, is not suitable for the application of the matte film.

Light film features environmental protection: unnecessary electroplating and painting, saving power, eliminating waste liquid and waste gas and other public hazards. Excellent function: moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, durable, easy to wash, easy to install, light weight, and non-flammable (through the national building materials intermediate test, it conforms to the national fire protection standard. The kitchen is the place with the highest temperature in the room, and each time the heat curls are compared to the top, so the fire protection function should become one of the key points when purchasing the metal ceiling).

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