Common problems and solutions of BOPP precoating film

1. The product is wrinkled

(1)The pressure of the rubber roller is too large, resulting in the deformation of the film, so the pressure should be appropriately reduced.

(2)The surface of the rubber roller is damaged and uneven, and the rubber roller should be replaced.

(3)The pressure between the rubber roller and the heating roller is unbalanced and should be properly adjusted.

(4)If the tension on both sides of the film is inconsistent or there are wavy edges, the film material should be replaced.

2. Snow spots appear on the product

(1)The pressure of the rubber roller is not enough, so the pressure should be increased appropriately.

(2)The glue on the precoating film is not completely melted, which can be solved by the following methods.

①Properly increase the film covering temperature.

②Increase the contact area between the film and the heating roller to increase the melting degree of the adhesive on the film under the same speed.

③Reduce the film covering speed.

(3)Dust and impurities on the gluing surface of the precoated film shall be removed in time.

3. Poor adhesion and film peeling

(1)If the pre-coating film exceeds the shelf life, replace it with a new one.

(2)If the ink layer of the printed matter is not dry, the drying time of the printed matter should be extended, especially when the special printed matter is covered with film.

(3)Low pressure, fast speed and low temperature of film covering can be appropriately increased to reduce the film covering speed and increase the film covering temperature

4. Product curl after slitting

(1)If the membrane tension is too large, which causes the membrane to expand and deform, the membrane tensioning screw should be adjusted.

(2)The winding tension is large, which makes the film and paper deform at the same time. The winding tension mechanism should be adjusted.

(3)The ambient humidity is high, so the humidity of the production workshop should be controlled at about 60%.

(4)The drying time is short. The drying time should be appropriately extended. After the film covering product is completely dried and cooled on the take-up roll, the film can be cut and cut.

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